Where is the Best Place to Buy a TV

Where is the Best Place to Buy a TV?

Where is the Best Place to Buy a TV – Purchasing a new TV can be exciting, but also overwhelming with the wide variety of screen sizes, display types, feature options and retailers to choose from. This comprehensive guide will compare prices, selection, services and benefits at electronics stores, big box retailers, warehouse clubs and online retailers. With insider tips on finding the right TV at the best price for your viewing habits and home setup, you’ll discover the ideal retailer for your next television.

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Key Factors When Selecting a New TV

Before deciding where to make your purchase, it’s helpful to understand what type of TV you need based on:

  • Screen size – Standard sizes range from 32″ up to 85″. Measure your room size, seating distance and budget to pick the ideal screen size.
  • Display type – Most common types are LED, OLED, QLED and LCD. Each has pros and cons for picture quality, viewing angles and price.
  • Resolution – Minimum resolution for most is 1920 x 1080p (Full HD). Larger screens may require 4K or 8K Ultra HD for best clarity.
  • Smart TV platform – Smart TVs allow streaming apps and web access. Compare Roku TV, webOS, Android TV and others to find the best interface.
  • Refresh rate – Standard is 60Hz, but 120Hz and 240Hz provide smoother, clearer motion for sports, gaming and action movies.
  • HDR support – HDR (high dynamic range) improves color, contrast and brightness. Look for HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG.
  • Audio system – Most TVs have basic speakers. Soundbars or home theater systems may be needed for premium audio.
  • Inputs – Make sure your TV has the right HDMI ports and inputs to connect all your home entertainment devices.
  • Price – Budget TVs start under $300. Expect to spend $500 to $3000+ for mid-range to top-end models with larger screens and more features.

Once you know the TV specifications that align with your room size, seating, usage and budget, it’s time to explore where to shop for the best deal.

Buying TVs at Electronics Stores – Where is the Best Place to Buy a TV?

Specialty electronics stores like Best Buy and hhgregg focus intensely on TV sales and support. Benefits include:

  • Huge selections – Hundreds of TV models across all sizes, display types, prices and brands available for comparison.
  • Hands on testing – TVs are actively displayed so you can see picture quality, features and sizes up close before you buy.
  • Expert assistance – Sales staff can recommend the right TV options based on your room space, viewing distance, and preferences.
  • Flexible delivery and setup – Services like in-home delivery, installation, haul-away of old TVs and electronics recycling offered.
  • In-house service – Defective or damaged TVs under warranty can often be repaired onsite by store technicians vs having to ship them.
  • Price matching – Stores may match or beat a competitor’s lower advertised price on an identical new TV model.
  • Extended return windows – Return timeframes of up to 2 weeks on new TVs if you change your mind or find issues after home setup.

Potential disadvantages include:

  • Higher base prices – Specialty electronics stores tend to have higher regular non-sale prices on TVs than big box and online retailers.
  • Sales pressure – Commissioned salespeople may push more expensive models and unnecessary add-ons like extended warranties.
  • Limited rural presence – Electronics specialty stores are less common outside of major metropolitan areas.

Still, for hands-on TV testing and knowledgeable support selecting the perfect model, electronics stores are hard to beat.

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Purchasing TVs from Big Box Retailers – Where is the Best Place to Buy a TV?

Major retailers like Walmart, Target and Costco offer a solid mix of affordable pricing, brand name TVs and convenient locations. Benefits:

  • Discounted prices – Large retailers buy TVs in massive bulk quantity to offer discounted pricing, especially on entry-level models.
  • Major brands – Big box retailers carry all the major brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL and Vizio.
  • Frequent sales – New TV sales and rollbacks are common, especially around major holidays, Super Bowl and Black Friday.
  • Generous return policy – Most allow TV returns within 90 days if you change your mind or find performance issues.
  • Protection plans – Retailers sell extra protection plans to cover TV repair costs and replace faulty sets.
  • Easy online ordering – Products can be researched online and then ordered for in-store pickup or home delivery.
  • Wide availability – With thousands of locations across the U.S., a big box retailer is never far away.

Watch out for:

  • Inadequate testing conditions – TVs are not actively displayed, making real life picture quality hard to evaluate.
  • Limited higher-end options – Mostly budget and mid-range models. Less variety in larger premium TVs.
  • Minimal expert help – Sales staff may have limited TV technical knowledge to guide you on finding the right model.

All in all, major big box stores offer unbeatable convenience and respectable prices on new TVs from trusted brands. Just don’t expect expansive selection or knowledgeable service.

Buying a TV at Warehouse Club Stores – Where is the Best Place to Buy a TV?

Warehouse retailers like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club provide exclusive discounted pricing in bulk quantity on select TV models. Benefits include:

  • Private label TVs – Exclusive Member’s Mark, Wellsley Farms and Kirkland branded large affordable TVs sold at a discount.
  • Bundled services – Free in-home delivery and installation may be included on large TV purchases.
  • Extended returns – Return timeframe can extend past 90 days for members.
  • Costco Concierge Service – Costco offers a specialty team to assist finding the right model and answer TV tech questions for members.
  • Member satisfaction – Warehouse clubs stand behind the TVs they sell to maintain member loyalty.
  • Onsite tech support – Warehouse techs may be available in-store to evaluate issues and educate on repairs.
  • Secondary warranties – Multi-year extended protection plans available to provide extra coverage.

However, there are also drawbacks like:

  • Limited selection – Expect just 2-5 models per brand and mainly large screen sizes.
  • Unable to test in-store – TVs are rarely displayed, preventing hands-on testing before purchase.
  • Membership required – You must pay for an annual Costco or Sam’s Club membership to shop.

Overall, the special pricing and bundle services make warehouse clubs best for less discerning shoppers wanting a name brand big screen TV on a tight budget.

Shopping Online for a New TV – Where is the Best Place to Buy a TV?

The world of online TV shopping at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and eBay offers unrivaled selection, convenience, and low pricing:

  • All brands and models – Online retailers sell every model imaginable from every brand within every price point and size.
  • All specs covered – Drill down on resolution, screen type, smart platform, inputs and special features like gaming mode.
  • Lower prices – Buying online cuts out overhead to allow competitive pricing 5-25% under local stores on average.
  • User reviews – Read experiences from verified owners on real world performance to aid your selection.
  • Easy comparisons – Quickly compare TVs side-by-side on one site based on specs, ratings and pricing.
  • Contactless purchasing – The entire TV shopping experience can be handled from the safety and comfort of home.
  • Fast shipping – Most online retailers offer expedited shipping for speedy delivery right to your doorstep.

Potential concerns with buying a TV online are:

  • No personal testing – You must select a TV purely based on specs, reviews and research without seeing in-action.
  • Potential damage in shipping – TVs are especially susceptible to damage in delivery if not properly packaged.
  • Difficult self-installation – In most cases, you will need to handle set up and wall mounting on your own.
  • Complex returns – Returning a 50+ inch TV if you don’t like it or if it arrives damaged can be a major hassle.

Provided you are comfortable ordering a TV sight unseen, the selection, pricing, and convenience of buying online is compelling. Just take extra precaution during shipping and setup.

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6 Tips to Get the Best TV at the Best Price

To maximize savings on a new TV purchase, keep these insider tips in mind:

  • Shop end of model year – Late winter/early spring when new models arrive see old stock get steep discounts.
  • Buy previous year models – Buying last year’s TV model can save hundreds over the newest version with minimal tech difference.
  • Look for open box deals – Lightly used customer returns often get huge markdowns by retailers.
  • Use price tracking tools – Sites like CamelCamelCamel can help spot price dip patterns and snag savings.
  • Apply for credit card discounts – Look for special financing and % off coupons when using retailer credit cards.
  • Sign up for sales alerts – Provide your email to get notified of new TV promotions, especially around key holidays.

Using the right combination of retailer, brand, features, and discounted price for your needs will help you save big money on your next TV.

Where to Buy the Right TV for Your Situation – Where is the Best Place to Buy a TV?

With so many retailer options, the ideal TV purchasing decision for your situation will vary:

  • Shop electronics stores for incredible selection and hands-on testing help to compare models. Expect higher base pricing.
  • Big box retailers like Walmart and Target offer household name TVs at affordable pricing with convenience of local pickup. But selection is limited.
  • Warehouse clubs merit consideration for deep discounts on private label giant screens and bundle services. Just know brand and model options are sparse.
  • Shop online when seeking the specific TV model, size, specs and price you want without concern over testing locally first. Just take extra care unboxing.
  • Consider buying used/refurbished TVs from sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and eBay Stores if you are very budget conscious and less worried about longevity or cosmetics.

No matter where you end up purchasing, always get the retailer’s return and price match policy in writing. Verify your TV includes certain specifications like smart platform, HDR and refresh rate as well. And don’t feel pressured into extended warranties and accessories you don’t really need. Follow these guidelines and you can enjoy years of stellar performance from your new television.

Summary: Where to Find the Best TV Deals

  • Electronics Stores – Unrivaled selection. Helpful expertise. Higher base pricing.
  • Big Box Retailers – Major brands at discounted pricing. Convenience over selection.
  • Warehouse Clubs – Deep savings on large private label models. Very limited choices.
  • Online Retailers – Massive selection and lowest pricing. Must purchase blind.
  • Used/Refurbished – Significant savings buying secondhand. No testing or returns.

Final Considerations for Buying a New TV

  • Measure your room size and seating viewing distance to determine the ideal screen size.
  • Select the TV display type (LED, OLED, etc.) that fits your picture quality needs and budget.
  • Choose smart TV software that sounds easiest for you to navigate and has apps you prefer.
  • Give strong preference to TVs with high resolution (4K), high refresh rate (120Hz), and HDR capabilities for optimal clarity and performance.
  • If concerned about mounting, ensure your retailer offers professional in-home installation service.
  • Don’t feel pressured by salespeople into expensive unnecessary extras like extended warranties.
  • Only purchase from retailers with generous return policies in case you change your mind or find issues.
  • Be cautious buying generic brands with little reputation as quality and longevity are less certain.

Your dream TV at an affordable price is within reach. Weigh these tips, retailer benefits, and your viewing habits to select the sales avenue with the right screen and savings combination to turn your living room into an entertainment oasis.

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