Best Place to Buy Curtains

Best Place to Buy Curtains

Best Place to Buy Curtains – Selecting stylish, high-quality curtains can transform the look and feel of a room. But with the wide range of fabrics, styles and prices both online and in stores, it can be tricky finding the best place to buy curtains. This comprehensive guide will compare options at big box stores, specialty retailers, department stores, online merchants and even Reddit suggestions to reveal the pros, cons and best deals on curtains near you.

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Best Place to Buy Curtains

Key Curtain Buying Considerations – Best Place to Buy Curtains

Before deciding where to shop, focus first on the factors that impact the ideal curtains for your space:

  • Window measurements – Accurately measure each window’s length and width to identify the perfect curtain sizes. Leave extra length for puddling.
  • Fabric and texture – Common options include cotton, linen, velvet, polyester and faux silk. Each creates a distinct visual and tactile statement.
  • Color/pattern – Choose hues and designs that complement your room’s existing paint, furniture and décor.
  • Light blocking – For bedrooms, blackout lined curtains prevent light infiltration for sleep. Sheers diffuse sunlight well in living rooms.
  • Energy efficiency – Thicker lined curtains provide insulation to retain heating/cooling in extreme climates.
  • Price – Curtain prices vary widely based on fabric, construction and brand. Set realistic expectations before falling in love with options outside your budget.

Once you decide on the fabric, color, and style of curtains that best fit your space, it’s time to explore retailers selling quality curtains at reasonable prices.

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Purchasing Curtains at Big Box Stores – Best Place to Buy Curtains

Major retailers like Walmart, Target and Kohl’s offer a solid affordable selection of brand name curtains and convenient locations. Benefits include:

  • Low prices – Large-scale operations allow big box chains to sell curtains at significant discounts to specialty shops. Great for budget buyers.
  • Trusted brands – Names like Liz Claiborne, Mainstays and Threshold available at low prices.
  • Frequent sales – Big box retailers regularly discount home goods, especially around holidays and season changes. Sign up for promo emails.
  • Variety of fabrics and styles – From upscale looks to casual and blackout, big box covers the full spectrum.
  • Easy returns – Don’t like how they fit once up? Unused curtains can typically be returned within 90 days.
  • Order online, pick up in store – Save on shipping fees by ordering online and picking up your curtains at a local outpost. Very convenient.
  • Wide availability – With thousands of locations across America, a major big box store is never far away.

Watch out for:

  • In-store testing limitations – You can’t test sizing, see how light diffuses, or assess true fabric quality under bright lighting.
  • Limited higher-end options – Selection focuses on mid-range and budget shoppers. Pricier designer looks are less available.
  • Lower quality materials – Don’t expect the finest cottons or silks. Price savings mean reliance on more affordable polyester blends.

If you want name brand curtains at discount prices from a trusted retailer, big box stores like Target are tough to beat on value and convenience.

Shopping Specialty Retailers for Curtains – Best Place to Buy Curtains

Dedicated home good stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, At Home, and Tuesday Morning tout specialized curtain knowledge and broad selections. Benefits include:

  • Enormous selection – Specialty home shops sell fabrics and styles you won’t find anywhere else. Hundreds of choices.
  • All sizes available – From massive 120 inch lengths to specialty shapes for bay windows, hard to fit sizes are in stock.
  • Try before you buy – Test samples and displays allow you to truly evaluate fabric quality, wear-ability and light filtration before purchase.
  • Expert help – Get advice on measuring, gathering styles, layering and coordinating looks from seasoned home furnishing experts.
  • Fabric quality – Expect dedication to selling drapery made from higher-end fabrics like Belgian linen and silk brocade.
  • Frequent sales – Specialty retailers run regular promos and coupons plus big seasonal markdowns on curtains and rods.
  • Unique styles – Go beyond basics with exotic global designs and embellished details exclusive to specialty chains.

Some potential disadvantages:

  • Higher prices – The expansive selection, premium materials and helpful service come at a price. Expect to pay significantly more than mass retailers.
  • Pushy associates – Some stores incentivize associates to upsell you on unnecessary curtain accessories and upgrades. Stick to your budget.
  • Historically unreliable return policies – Many make returns difficult if curtains are opened or hung, so confirm policies.

If you crave immense selection and top-tier quality touches, specialty chains showcase drapery options hard to find elsewhere. Just account for higher prices in your budget.

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Shopping Department Stores for Curtains – Best Place to Buy Curtains

Longtime retailers like JCPenney, Macy’s and Kohl’s offer appealing middle ground between discount and high-end curtains. Benefits include:

  • Established fashion brands – Department stores carry major labels like Nautica, Ralph Lauren, and Martha Stewart.
  • Bargain prices on quality – Brand name curtains cost up to 40% less than at specialty shops thanks to frequent department store sales.
  • Try on display models – In-store curtains displays allow you to inspect the designs, fabrics and construction firsthand.
  • Layering guidance – Experienced staff provide suggestions for pairing complementary valances, sheers and tiebacks.
  • Free custom hemming – Many offer professional tailoring in-store so new curtains are length-perfect for your windows.
  • Easy exchanges – Don’t like them once up at home? Swap out for a different size or style within 30-90 days at most department stores.
  • Buy online, pick up in store – Order online to secure the lowest price with option to retrieve at your local branch.

Potential disadvantages:

  • Limited exotic styles – Primarily classic looks and fabrics like faux silk. Fewer intricate global patterns or embellishments.
  • Difficult returns – Some apply cumbersome return restrictions if curtains are opened or show any wear and tear.
  • Occasional quality inconsistencies – Periodic customer complaints of thinner fabrics and uneven stitching based on offshore manufacturing.

For a retail blend of quality, selection and affordability, department stores strike an effective balance for budget-conscious shoppers seeking branded style.

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Purchasing Curtains Online – Best Place to Buy Curtains

Curtain sellers like Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock and beyond offer unparalleled selection, convenience and savings buying drapes online. Benefits include:

  • Expansive selection – Online retailers sell literally thousands of curtain styles and offer custom sizing. Every color, fabric, design and size imaginable.
  • Lower prices – Buying curtains on the internet cuts out overhead costs that allow online stores to offer curtains 25-40% below specialty retailers.
  • Reviews – Read feedback and see photos from fellow shoppers on how specific curtains looked and performed after purchase and hanging. Very helpful for making decisions.
  • Recommendation engines – Input your style, fabric and size preferences to receive suggestions on coordinating curtains tailored to your space.
  • Convenience – Shop from bed or on breaks at work! Avoid taking time to drive to multiple stores for browsing.
  • Discounts and sales – Regular promo codes and flash sales around holidays help you save even more buying curtains online.
  • Free shipping – Most major online retailers offer free shipping on orders over $50. Amazon Prime members get unlimited fast free delivery.

Potential weaknesses:

  • No in-person evaluation – You can’t physically touch, examine stitching, confirm dimensions or assess light filtering before buying. Rely on detailed descriptions.
  • Incorrect sizing – Without measuring carefully, ordered curtains that seem plentiful onscreen may end up far too small or large for your windows at home.
  • Final sale limitations – Some budget sites don’t allow curtain returns if opened, so know policies before purchase.
  • Potential shipping damage – Delicate fabrics like linen can arrive snagged or dirty if packaged poorly in transit. Inspect immediately upon arrival.

If you know your exact window measurements and preferred curtain specifications, buying online delivers amazing selection and savings. Just take care with sizing and retailer return policies.

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Asking Reddit For Curtain Recommendations

Crowdsourcing opinions on the best curtains and places to buy via Reddit threads provides helpful real-world suggestions. Look for:

  • Firsthand feedback – Regular people share candid thoughts on curtain durability, appearance over time, value and more based on experience.
  • Outlet identification – Fellow Reddit users mention specific retailers carrying high quality curtains at reasonable prices worth checking out.
  • Brand guidance – Commenters highlight curtain brand names that offer styles and construction that endure daily use.
  • Community polls – Reddit polls ask thousands where they buy curtains and the top brands, then tally the results. Great aggregated data.
  • Sale notifications – Users share news of markdowns and limited time promo codes for ordering discounted curtains online.
  • Trend alerts – Stay ahead of shifting color and style preferences by reading what drapery looks fellow Redditors indicate generating recent buzz.
  • Issue warnings – Negative experiences from the community with particular online curtain retailers help you avoid potential hassles.

However, Reddit isn’t without weaknesses for curtain intel:

  • Limited demographic diversity – Feedback skews younger and more urban since that describes the majority of Reddit users.
  • Few style visuals – Unlike Pinterest and design blogs, you don’t get to see photos of commenters’ actual curtain recommendations in context.
  • Minimal expert input – It’s mostly amateur opinions rather than professional interior design expertise being offered.

Checking a few active home and interior design-focused Reddit threads provides a useful supplement when researching the optimal curtains to buy, but shouldn’t act as your sole information source.

Key Tips for Saving on Quality Curtains

Follow these tips to keep more money in your wallet when buying fabulous new curtains:

  • Wait for seasonal sales in January and July when stores want to clear out old curtain stock to make room for new styles.
  • Measure carefully using a steel tape measure. Make width larger than the window to enable full coverage when drawn. And allow ample length for draping effect.
  • Take advantage of price matching policies by providing competitors’ ads showing the same curtains at a lower price.
  • Consider buying just fabric then having custom curtains made affordably by a local seamstress to get the exact look you want.
  • Check resale shops like Goodwill for high end curtains in perfect shape donated by homeowners updating their homes. Major savings!
  • Before paying full price online, take five minutes to search for any active coupon codes that could score you 20% off or more on those cute new curtains.
  • Sort price low to high when browsing selections online. Often retailers will show surprisingly decent curtains filtered down to your exact size/style for under $20!

Follow these tips and do some smart deal hunting, and you could end up saving $100, $200 or more on your dream curtains without sacrificing style and quality!

Where to Purchase the Best Curtains For You

Now that you know about the major places to buy curtains and ways to save, which option works best depends on your needs:

  • Frequent big box stores like Target if you want lots of affordable style options but don’t require premium fabrics or custom sizing.
  • Shop specialty retailers like, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Ikea when you value immense selection, top quality materials and expert design guidance (and don’t mind spending more).
  • Leverage department store sales if your priority is stylish name brand curtains at significant savings thanks to holiday promotions.
  • Go online for the lowest prices and convenience of buying any style imaginable while forgoing the in-person shopping experience.
  • Check secondhand stores and resale sites for rare high-end designer curtains at fraction of the original price if you don’t mind previously enjoyed.

No matter where you decide to shop, enter armed with accurate window measurements and a clear vision for your ideal fabric, length, and design style. Taking advantage of sales, coupons and price matching opportunities along the way will help you maximize savings on curtains that both look beautiful and keep your room private. Hang in there through the browsing and you’ll successfully decorate your windows with the perfect stylish drapery at a price you feel good about.

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Summary of the Best Places to Buy Quality Curtains

Big Box Retailers – Affordable prices on name brands but limited higher end options and inability to test fabrics in person before purchase.

Specialty Retailers – Unmatched selection and fabric quality guidance but be prepared for premium pricing.

Department Stores – Reliable blend of branded styles, seasonal sales and in-store displays to inspect before buying.

Online – Convenience of unlimited curtain options at the lowest prices delivered to your door, but no ability to touch samples first.

Reddit – Provides helpful firsthand feedback from fellow shoppers but lacks design visuals and diversity in perspectives.

Resale – Major savings on high end designer curtains if you don’t mind purchasing secondhand from donation shops and resellers.

Final Curtain Buying Considerations

  • Accurately measure each window’s width and height to order curtains guaranteed to fit.
  • Pick fabrics and patterns that integrate well with your room’s existing color scheme and furnishings.
  • Allow ample additional length so curtains elegantly puddle and stack at bottom rather than falling short.
  • Feel free to layer curtains, such as pairing sheers behind blackout panels, to create dimension.
  • Remember return policies if the curtains appearance or illumination doesn’t look right once hung in your space.
  • Set price alerts online for your desired curtains to be notified if big savings become available through sales and coupons.
  • Read curtain specs carefully and seek out independent customer reviews before purchase rather than just trusting marketing claims.

By identifying retailers with suitable prices, browsing styles that complement your décor, accurately measuring, and timing discounts, you’ll adorn your windows with beautiful, functional curtains that suit your space and style!

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