Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk – Playing golf regularly means losing a lot of balls, which can quickly become expensive replacing at retail prices. That’s why buying quality golf balls in bulk quantities is a smart money-saving strategy for frequent golfers. But finding the best place to purchase bulk golf balls at a significant discount takes some research.

This guide examines the pros, cons and what to look for when buying affordable golf balls in bulk from national retailers, discount warehouses, specialty golf stores, online stores, and direct from manufacturers. Read on for tips to help you secure the best bulk golf ball deals.

Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

Factors When Buying Golf Balls in Bulk – Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

Before deciding where to purchase bulk golf balls, here are key factors savvy shoppers consider:

Golf Ball Types

There are different types of golf balls designed for varying playing styles and skill levels:

  • Distance – For slower swings, covers extra yards. Low spin, firm feels. Best for beginners.
  • Control – Firm, low compression core reduces side spin. Stays straighter on shots. Ideal for straight, accurate driving.
  • Spin Control – Urethane cover grabs wedges for max backspin and stopping power on greens. Advanced players’ top choice.
  • Low Compression – Very soft feel, slows swing speed loss. Best for senior players and those with slower swing speeds.
  • Durability – Usually surlyn covered two-piece balls. Absorb tons of punishment. Ideal for newbies prone to losing balls.

Quantity Discount Pricing

Buying 5 dozen bulk packs can save ~30% over single dozen retail pricing. Larger quantity bulk orders save even more:

  • 5-6 dozen balls – $150 to $180 per bulk pack
  • 7-12 dozen balls – $130 to $160 per dozen
  • 13-18 dozen balls – $120 to $150 per dozen
  • 19-24 dozen balls – $100 to $140 per dozen

Mix and Match Options

Many sellers allow mixing and matching different models within a bulk order. This allows you to customize to the preferences of all golfers using the balls.

Brand Quality Reputation

Stick with major golf ball brands known for quality and performance: Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, Srixon, TaylorMade, Wilson. Avoid generic balls.

Return Policy

Look for sellers with generous return windows in case you order incorrectly or are unsatisfied with ball performance and durability.

Buying Golf Balls in Bulk at National Retailers – Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

Major retailers like Dick’s, Golf Galaxy, and Edwin Watts offer convenient one-stop shopping for bulk pack golf ball orders. Pros of buying bulk balls from national golf and sporting goods retailers include:

  • Wide selections of all major brands and models. Can mix and match choices.
  • Ability to see and feel product before purchase by buying at local store.
  • Instantly take balls home without waiting for shipping.
  • Retailers frequently run sales, promos and coupons on bulk balls. Sign up for deal emails.
  • Returns are easy by dropping off at any location if product is unsatisfactory.
  • Esteemed brands like Titleist and Callaway ensure consistent quality.

Potential downsides to consider with national retailers:

  • Bulk ball pricing only ~10-15% cheaper than standard pricing per dozen. Savings are minimal.
  • Limited purchase quantities. Usually max out at 5-6 dozen ball packs per bulk order.
  • Cannot deeply customize ball types, brands and quantities like when ordering direct.
  • Smaller selection of higher level tour-caliber balls that provide performance advantages.

Overall, major golf retailers offer a solid bulk ball purchase option for those wanting instant gratification and warranty support. Just don’t expect the deepest discounts.

Ordering Bulk Golf Balls at Discount Warehouse Stores – Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

Shopping at discount warehouse chains like Costco is a smart money saving strategy for stocking up on golf balls. Benefits of buying bulk balls from warehouse stores include:

  • Huge 30-50% discount versus standard retail pricing on same major brands.
  • Buy very large bulk quantities up to 18-24 dozen at once. Perfect for large events.
  • Kirkland Signature golf balls offer exceptional quality for low member pricing.
  • Mix and match allows buying different models to accommodate player preferences.
  • No shipping waits – available to take home immediately after purchase.
  • Generous return policy makes exchanges easy if unsatisfied.
  • Also purchase other golf accessories like bags, clubs, gloves, towels discounted.

Potential disadvantages to consider when buying bulk golf balls at warehouses:

  • Requires paid annual membership to shop. Costco and Sam’s Club run ~$60 per year.
  • Smaller selection focused on just best selling models from a few brands.
  • Must buy multiple dozen packs. No singles sold.
  • Only sold on location. No online warehouse ordering for balls.
  • Returns mean lugging heavy bulk packs back to warehouse club.

Thanks to dramatic bulk pricing on top brands, warehouse stores are a smart budget choice – especially if you need lots of golf balls for a league, event or business.

Purchasing Bulk Golf Balls at Specialty Golf Retailers – Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

Dedicated golf pro shops and specialty golf retailers are another excellent source for bulk ball orders. Their knowledgeable staff provides helpful perks like:

  • Large bulk quantity options available, usually up to 2 full cases so 24 dozen.
  • Ability to deep customiz e exact ball models, brands and quantities in a bulk order. Get each golfer’s favorites.
  • Trusted recommendations from staff familiar with all ball specs and ideal matches for swing speeds and handicaps.
  • Fitting services to dial in optimal launch angles and spin rates for each golfer.
  • Regripping, club repair and rental club services available at many locations.
  • Locally owned shops invest back into area golf community.

Potential drawbacks when buying bulk balls from specialty golf retailers:

  • Bulk prices usually cost a bit more than discount online stores or direct from manufacturers. Pay for expertise.
  • Limited to locations in your geographic region. Not as convenient for rural areas.
  • Must take time to come into store rather than quick online ordering and delivery.

The personalized guidance and customization at specialty pro shops is worth the small premium for avid golfers wanting to maximize performance.

Ordering Golf Balls in Bulk Online – Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

From Amazon to eBay to specialty golf e-stores, buying bulk order golf balls online provides low prices and unmatched convenience. Benefits include:

  • Huge selection of brands/models. Access exotic tour-level balls not in local stores.
  • Easily compare bulk pricing across many sellers to find lowest prices.
  • Buy very large bulk quantities – usually up to 10 cases of golf balls at once.
  • Deeply customize mixes of brands, models and quantities. Perfect ball for each golfer.
  • Fast 1-3 day shipping directly to your door. No lugging from store.
  • Avoid crowds and hassle of retail shopping. Order anytime from anywhere.
  • Reputable specialty stores offer multi-ball free sampling upon request to try before buying bulk.

Potential disadvantages to buying bulk golf balls online:

  • No chance to see product firsthand before purchase. Must trust descriptions and photos.
  • Must wait days for delivery rather than instant gratification from retail stores.
  • Returns often tricky requiring repackaging and shipping balls back on your own dime.
  • Easy to order incorrectly if you don’t precisely know brands and models desired beforehand.

Thanks to rock bottom pricing and customizability, ordering bulk golf balls online is an excellent option provided you correctly organize your order.

Buying Golf Balls Direct From Manufacturers – Best Place to Buy Golf Balls in Bulk

Many leading golf ball companies sell factory direct bulk quantities on their websites for maximum savings. Direct purchasing provides:

  • Cut out the retailer middleman markup for lowest possible pricing.
  • Buy straight from the source with full customization of logos and branding.
  • Purchase extra large bulk orders – full pallet quantities of 500+ dozen balls.
  • Create fully customized mixes of different models tailored to your team or group’s preferences.
  • Direct communication with company reps to get recommendations on ideal ball types.
  • Ability to sample test product prior to finalizing large bulk order.

Potential disadvantages buying direct from golf ball companies:

  • Requires massive orders of 500 dozen or more. Not feasible for individuals or small groups.
  • No ability to see or physically test product before purchase.
  • Must wait days or weeks for customized pallet orders to be produced and delivered.
  • Returns complicated and expensive for large shipment pallet quantities.

Purchasing factory direct makes sense primarily for major tournaments, golf facilities, or large corporate sponsors ordering heavy custom logo imprinting in very large quantities.

Key Tips for Buying Golf Balls in Bulk

Keep these tips in mind to ensure you get the best bang for your buck when buying dozens of golf balls in bulk:

  • Compare bulk pricing across local retailers and online to find best deal.
  • Buy largest quantity you can comfortably use to get lowest cost per ball.
  • Mix and match brands and models to suit different golfer skill levels and preferences.
  • Focus on major brands like Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone for consistent quality.
  • Consult a club pro for advice on ideal construction and compression ratings.
  • Prioritize feel and higher spin over distance claims for better scoring performance.
  • Try before you buy. Request free samples from online sellers prior to bulk purchase.
  • Remember to factor taxes into pricing for any online purchases.
  • Consider personalizing logo balls for events rather than generic practice balls.
  • Don’t forget to checkout used golf balls bulk.


Stocking up on dozens of golf balls at bulk discount pricing is a smart strategy to save money over the long run while always having plenty of fresh ammo ready for the course. Just remember to buy the right quantities to meet your needs, focus on top brands known for quality, and customize ball selection to match player skills when ordering.

Taking the time to compare retailer and online seller bulk golf ball pricing ensures you can secure an ideal quantity of high performance golf balls at the best value. Arm yourself with the inside information above and you’ll consistently play the nicest balls while paying wholesale bulk prices. Never tee it up with an old scuffed ball again!

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