Best Place to Buy Postcards

Best Place to Buy Postcards

Introduction to the Best Place to Buy Postcards Online

Best Place to Buy Postcards – In today’s digital age, the charm of tangible communication, like postcards, remains unparalleled. Postcards not only serve as a nostalgic reminder of personal memories but also play a pivotal role in direct mail marketing. Their tangible nature allows businesses to create a lasting impression, making them an essential tool for both personal and professional communication.

Luckily, the digital world has made it easier than ever to purchase these little pieces of nostalgia. With the rise of online platforms, individuals and businesses can now explore a plethora of options to find the perfect postcard. Some notable platforms include PostGrid’s Print & Mail API and Retail & Ecommerce by PostGrid, which offer a seamless experience for buying and customizing postcards.

  • Significance of postcards:
    • Personal touch in a digital world.
    • Effective tool for business marketing.
  • Online platforms for postcards:
    • Convenient and customizable.
    • Wide range of designs and templates.

Whether you’re reminiscing about a past vacation or strategizing your next marketing campaign, postcards offer a unique blend of personal touch and professional appeal. As we delve deeper into the best place to buy postcards online, you’ll discover the perfect platform tailored to your needs.

Top Places to Buy Postcards Online

Best Place to Buy Postcards

The digital marketplace offers a myriad of options for postcard enthusiasts and businesses alike. From custom designs to vintage finds, there’s a platform tailored to every need. Let’s explore some of the best places to buy postcards online:

  1. PostGrid
    • Overview: PostGrid stands out as a leading platform offering direct mail services. Their user-friendly interface allows customers to create and customize postcards with ease.
    • Benefits:
      • Wide range of postcard design templates.
      • Flexibility in ordering any number of postcards.
      • Efficient mass printing and shipping options.
  2. Etsy
    • Overview: Known for its unique, handmade, and vintage items, Etsy boasts a diverse collection of postcards suitable for various occasions.
    • Pros and Cons:
      • Wide range of custom-made and vintage postcards.
      • Affordable rates for bulk orders.
      • Some sellers might not offer international shipping.
  3. Hallmark
    • Overview: A household name in the greeting card industry, Hallmark’s online platform offers a curated collection of postcards. Their website is a handy resource to check postcard availability.
    • Points to Consider:
      • Diverse collections for various occasions.
      • Envelopes might come at an additional cost.
      • Not all Hallmark stores stock postcards.
  4. Walmart
    • Overview: A global retail giant, Walmart offers both in-store and online postcard collections. Their photo service allows for custom postcard creations.
    • Benefits:
      • Variety of pre-printed and blank postcards.
      • Option for same-day pickup in most stores.
      • Custom postcard creation using personal photos.
  5. Target
    • Overview: A favorite shopping destination for many, Target’s online storefront offers a range of postcards tailored to various needs.
    • Why Target:
      • Quick in-store pickup options.
      • Diverse range sorted by brands, occasions, and rates.
      • Efficient delivery services.
  6. Amazon
    • Overview: The global e-commerce leader, Amazon, offers a vast collection of postcards suitable for every occasion and preference.
    • Tips:
      • Bulk purchases often come at discounted rates.
      • Wide variety of designs and styles.
      • Consider the additional task of labeling and shipping.
  7. eBay
    • Overview: A popular online marketplace, eBay offers a plethora of postcard options, from vintage to art-inspired designs.
    • Points to Consider:
      • Filter options for easy search.
      • Vintage and unique postcard collections.
      • Ensure seller credibility before purchase.
  8. Canada Post
    • Overview: For those seeking pre-stamped postcards, Canada Post stands out as a reliable option. Their online and offline services cater to various postcard needs.
    • Benefits:
      • Pre-stamped options for hassle-free mailing.
      • Reasonable rates and wide availability.
      • Online and offline purchase options.

With such a diverse range of platforms available, finding the perfect postcard has never been easier. Whether for personal use or business marketing, these platforms cater to every need, ensuring that your message is delivered with a personal touch.

Considerations When Buying Postcards

When diving into the world of postcards, it’s essential to consider more than just the design. The size, weight, and postage play a crucial role in ensuring your postcard reaches its destination without any hitches. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Size and Weight Specifications
    • Importance of Specifications:
      • Ensures the postcard meets mailing standards.
      • Avoids additional postage costs.
    • Standard Dimensions:
      • Typically, a postcard should fall under the standard weight limit of 50 g.
      • Maximum dimensions are often 9.6” x 6.1” or 245 mm x 156 mm. However, it’s always best to check with the specific postal service you’re using.
  2. Postage and Shipping Considerations
    • Overview: Postage can vary based on the destination, size, and weight of the postcard. Platforms like PostGrid offer insights into postage costs and considerations.
    • Factors to Consider:
      • Domestic vs. International shipping rates.
      • Bulk discounts on postage.
      • Availability of pre-stamped or postage-paid postcards.
  3. Customization Options
    • Personal Touch: Customizing postcards adds a personal touch, making them more memorable for the recipient.
    • Options Available:
      • Platforms like Retail & Ecommerce by PostGrid offer a range of customization options.
      • Ability to add personal images, messages, and designs.
      • Consider the print quality and resolution for custom images.
  • Additional Tips:
    • Always check the return policy when buying postcards online.
    • Consider eco-friendly or recycled postcard options for an environmentally conscious choice.
    • Ensure the platform offers secure payment methods.

In conclusion, while the design and message of a postcard are vital, the technical aspects ensure it reaches its intended recipient in the best possible condition. By considering size, weight, postage, and customization, you can make the most of your postcard purchase and leave a lasting impression.


Navigating the world of postcards can bring up numerous questions, especially for those new to the realm of direct mail marketing or personal postcard sending. Here are some frequently asked questions to guide your postcard purchasing journey:

  1. How many stamps are needed to ship postcards?
    • Standard Postcards: Typically, a single postage stamp is sufficient for postcards that fall under standard weight and size limits.
    • Oversized or International Postcards: The number of stamps may vary. It’s essential to check with postal services or platforms like PostGrid for accurate postage information.
  2. Are postcards still available at local stores?
    • Local Stores: Many local stores, especially souvenir shops in tourist areas, still offer postcards. However, the variety might be limited.
    • Online Platforms: For a broader range and customization options, online platforms like Retail & Ecommerce by PostGrid provide extensive collections and design tools.
  3. What are the benefits of pre-stamped postcards?
    • Convenience: Pre-stamped postcards eliminate the need to purchase and affix stamps, making the mailing process smoother.
    • Cost-Efficiency: Some platforms offer bulk discounts on pre-stamped postcards, leading to savings in the long run.
    • Time-Saving: Especially beneficial for businesses, as it streamlines the direct mail marketing process.
  • Additional Queries:
    • Can I customize the design on pre-stamped postcards? – Yes, many platforms allow customization while still offering the convenience of pre-stamped options.
    • Is there a difference in postage for domestic vs. international postcards? – Yes, international postcards typically have higher postage rates. It’s crucial to check with the specific postal service or platform you’re using.

In summary, postcards remain a timeless method of communication, both for personal sentiments and business marketing. By addressing common queries and concerns, you can make informed decisions and optimize your postcard experience. Whether you’re reaching out to a loved one or a potential client, postcards deliver your message with a personal touch.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The allure of postcards transcends time. Whether it’s the tangible feel, the personal touch, or the versatility they offer in both personal and direct mail marketing realms, postcards continue to hold a special place in our hearts. As we’ve navigated through the various platforms and considerations, it’s evident that the digital age has only enhanced the postcard experience, making it more accessible and customizable.

In reflection:

  • The Digital Advantage: Online platforms, especially comprehensive ones like PostGrid, have revolutionized the way we purchase and customize postcards. With a few clicks, you can design, order, and even ship postcards to recipients worldwide.
  • Diverse Options: From vintage designs on Etsy to customizable templates on Retail & Ecommerce by PostGrid, the options are vast. Depending on your needs, there’s a platform tailored for you.
  • Informed Choices: As with any online purchase, it’s essential to be informed. Consider factors like size, weight, postage, and customization to ensure your postcard not only looks great but also reaches its intended recipient without hitches.


  • Research: Before settling on a platform, do your research. Look for reviews, compare prices, and explore design options.
  • Sample: If you’re considering bulk orders, especially for business purposes, order a sample first. This way, you can gauge the quality and make necessary adjustments before placing a large order.
  • Engage: Engage with the platform’s customer service. Ask questions, seek recommendations, and ensure they offer support throughout the process.

In closing, postcards are more than just pieces of cardstock; they’re memories, marketing tools, and messages of love and hope. As you embark on your postcard journey, remember that the message is just as important as the medium. Choose wisely, design passionately, and send with love.